Lightspace Technologies receive 2.25M EUR grant from European Commission

Lightspace Technologies today have signed Grant Agreement No 960828 with European Commission to receive grant funding of 2.25 Million EUR from European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.
Further up to 1.7 Million EUR equity investment by EIC Fund is linked as blended financing contribution.

The company has won strong 4000 project competition in Horizon 2020 EIC accelerator program call focused on COVID-19 treatment initiatives with action “Next Generation Enhanced Augmented Reality 3D Glasses for medical education, pre-procedural planning, intra-procedural visualization, and patient rehabilitation — NGEAR 3D”.

LightSpace is a global technological leader in multi focal AR glasses uniquely providing accommodation and outstanding 3D image visual quality at near range (0.3 to 2 meters).

Attached photos from validation demonstration of headset demo prototype by Madara Kalnina-Kalnmale MD to Oncology Centre of Riga East University Hospital. Doctor in radiology Dr Ilze Engele indicated that LightSpace AR headset would give huge added value to oncology surgeons allowing more easy review of CT and MRI data in high resolution in 3D for pre-procedurial planning.

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